Dr Guruswamy specialises in the treatment of common mental and behavioural disorders including addictions and adult ADHD. In addition, she is trained as a Dialectical Behaviour Therapist (DBT) and in Functional Medicine which both reflect her integrative approach to treatment. 
Her interests also include Medicolegal aspects of psychiatric care as her Masters is in Forensic and Legal Medicine.


Her areas of experience include:

• Affective disorders

• Adult ADHD

• Alcohol and other addiction treatments

• Anxiety treatment

• Obsessive compulsive disorder

• Postnatal disorders

• Post traumatic stress disorder

• Somatisation disorder

• Transcultural mental health issues


Dr Guruswamy undertook her Post Graduate training in Psychiatry at University College Dublin
and the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Dublin. She became a member of the
Royal College of Psychiatrists in 2008.


Dr Guruswamy moved to the UK in 2012 from Ireland and took up a full time Consultant role with the
Central North West London NHS Foundation Trust treating individuals with complex and enduring
mental and behavioural disorders. She became a full time Consultant Psychiatrist in the Independent
Sector in 2014 and alongside her private practice she was appointed Consultant in the Priory Hospital.


She has published papers on Irish Mental Health Law and wrote her thesis on The Evolution of Irish
Mental Health Policy. She has also developed policies on Risk Management and
Mental Health Liaison Systems with Primary Healthcare providers.


She is additionally trained as a Dialectical Behaviour Therapist (DBT) and in Functional Medicine which both reflect her integrative approach to treatment. Her interests also include Medicolegal aspects of psychiatry care asher Masters is in Forensic and Legal Medicine.


Dr Guruswamy has an interest in Theatre and dramatics, and has attended Acting School.
She also has an avid interest in Indian history and enjoys collecting Indian Art.



Dr Guruswamy specialises in the treatment of common mental and behavioural disorders including addictions and adult ADHD. In addition,
she is trained as a Dialectical Behaviour Therapist (DBT) and in Functional Medicine. Her interests also include Medicolegal
aspects of psychiatric care as her Masters is in Forensic and Legal Medicine.


Bipolar disorder;
Postnatal disorder;
Seasonal affective disorder.

Alcohol addiction

Adult ADHD

Post traumatic stress
disorder – PTSD.

Somatisation disorder
and Somatoform
pain disorders.


Anxiety treatment;
Panic attack treatment; Adjustment disorders.

Obsessive compulsive
disorder; Body dysmorphic disorder; Phobias.

Behavioural, emotional and social difficulties .

Transcultural mental
health issues.


Dr Guruswamy offers outpatient consultations in central and south west London, offering greater access for outpatients. She works closely with other healthcare professionals matching patients with suitable psychologists, psychotherapists and other health care professionals ensuring patients have rapid access to a wide range of high quality evidence based therapeutic interventions.


Dr Guruswamy works collaboratively with patients and their families when recommending the most suitable setting for treatment which,
for individuals with symptoms requiring more than can be offered on an outpatient basis, may include care as an inpatient at the
Priory Hospital Roehampton, or if more appropriate, intensive support at home in collaboration with families, GPs and specialist nurses.
She can also organise treatment abroad at specialist treatment facilities in the United States, South Africa and Europe.


It might be helpful to understand a little about how the practice works. Dr Guruswamy is a Consultant Psychiatrist. Psychiatrists are

medically qualified, which enables them to investigate physical causes or consequences of mental ill health,

liaise with other medical colleagues and prescribe medication when indicated.


You will normally have come to see Dr Guruswamy following referral by your GP, therapist or another specialist colleague.

Please note Dr Guruswamy will require a GP referral if you  have come following a recommendation by an insurance provider, another patient or simply because of geographical convenience through the increasing numbers using the internet to search for specialists.


Individuals come to see Dr Guruswamy for a number of reasons. You may have noticed that you are suffering symptoms that you recognise as signs of psychiatric disorder, or experienced recent personal life events that have had a significant impact on your psychological wellbeing: affecting different areas of your life such as work or relationships with your family. You may have noticed that you present a pattern of behaving
or thinking that is repeatedly making it difficult to relate to others or feel good about yourself or that have been associated with you developing addictive behaviours with substances or what we call process addictions such as excessive and out of control behaviours.


The initial consultation will consist of an assessment, which lasts approximately an hour, to explore the symptoms that you suffer

that are common in psychiatric conditions and identify what makes you unique. A full evaluation, which may take up to 2 one hour sessions, helps Dr Guruswamy to formulate a diagnosis and recommend the best treatment options for you. This may be followed by a letter to your GP unless you do not wish your doctor to be informed. Whilst this is entirely your choice, letting your GP know about medication alerts them to any interactions with medication that they are prescribing you and they will often be able to fill prescriptions through the NHS, which is cheaper.


Whilst you may prefer to see Dr Guruswamy on your own, she is always happy to welcome family members or friends with you as this also provides an opportunity to obtain further information about you that might help her to better understand your situation. If you wish Dr Guruswamy to discuss your condition with either your family or others in your absence then your written permission will be needed to enable her to do so.


She is always happy to copy you into any correspondence relating to your treatment.


Virtual consultations and email communications


. Dr Guruswamy is happy to have virtual consultations (Zoom or Skype) or Face to Face consultations for new patients and review assessments These consultations are charged at the usual rates. You may from time to time wish to briefly discuss matters arising from medication or changes in circumstances. Unless there is an emergency, this is not usually possible immediately, as Dr Guruswamy may not have access to your notes or will most likely be in clinics. Other than for a brief telephone conversation (less than 5 minutes) it is better that you book an appointment.


Sometimes you may wish to write things down in an email, for example, so as not to forget information. Should you choose to email

Dr Guruswamy, please be aware that it may not be possible for her to read emails prior to the consultation and that it may be necessary to book a consultation with her to discuss any response. The General Medical Council have issued advice to Clinicians regarding the use of emails and

noted that emails are not a secure method of communication, suggesting that they should not be used for urgent,complex or sensitive issues.


When making an appointment you can call or email Dr Guruswamy’s PA. Her PA works Mondays to Fridays from 9.00am to 5:00pm, although messages can be left on voicemail or by email outside these hours and they will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible. Her PA will take

your non-clinical details, such as name, address, date of birth and GP and offer you an appointment in the most convenient location to you.


Please note that Dr Guruswamy requires you to settle your fees in full either prior to, or on the day of your appointment. All outstanding balances including insurance excess fees must be cleared before a new appointment can be booked.  Dr Guruswamy’s PA will issue you with a receipted invoice for fees.

If you have a personal insurance policy or one through your place of work, it is recommended that you check the policy terms of your health insurance with your insurer before you make an appointment so you can be sure you have sufficient cover.. If you wish to claim through a
Health Insurer, please contact your provider prior to your appointment to obtain authorisation for the appointment and to establish the level of your cover, including any excess fee, which may be charged.  Dr Guruswamy will require this information in advance of your appointment.  Otherwise, on the day of your appointment you may will be asked to pay for the consultation in full upon which you will be issued with a
receipt.  It is this receipt that you need to reclaim the fees from your insurer. Some insurers will require you to obtain a written referral letter
from your GP in order for you to make a claim. Dr Guruswamy may also be required to provide a short report or complete a claim form
for your insurer and she will do so for no extra charge.


For the avoidance of any doubt, Dr Guruswamy would like to clarify that her contract is directly with the patient and not with any insurance provider. The fees payable are ultimately the responsibility of the patient and Dr Guruswamy will not become involved in correspondence with insurance providers regarding payment of fees. In the absence of prior written agreement to the contrary, payment of fees is required with 14 days of receipt of our invoice. Failure to make payment within 28 days of the due date may result in the matter being referred to Wilkins & Hope our debt collection agents whose charges of 20% will be added to and payable with the invoice debt.



If you wish to cancel or re-schedule an appointment, you may do this by emailing Dr Guruswamy’s PA. A missed appointment means a lost opportunity to offer someone else an earlier appointment. A late cancelled appointment makes it difficult to make the necessary arrangements with other patients to attend at very short notice. Dr Guruswamy therefore charges the full price of the consultation for any missed appointments and appointments cancelled less than two full working days before the appointment. Please note that you are usually
unable to recover the cost of missed appointments or late cancellations from your insurance provider.


Private prescriptions for medication during your consultation are issued without charge. However if you need a repeat prescription at any other time you should contact Dr Guruswamy’s PA and a £50 fee will be billed to your account. You must allow enough time to ensure you do not run out of medication.  Prescriptions for controlled drugs can only be issued for a 28 day period.


To read the full version of Dr Guruswamy’s Terms and Conditions please click here.
For clarification on any aspect of these please contact Dr Guruswamy’s PA.


Your details will be stored in a secure database. Your clinical data will only be shared with other Clinicians, usually therapists
to whom you have been referred to and who work closely with Dr Guruswamy.


For more information about the services offered or to book an appointment with Dr. Guruswamy please get in touch
via one of the methods shown below. We will endeavour to return your enquiry within 24 hours.


The Priory Hospital, Priory Lane, Roehampton SW15 5JJ

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